Educational Experience of the 21st Century!

“By creating an appropriate learning environment for each individual, we instill practical skills, leadership, creative thinking skills, and provide constant support for them to reach the top of their careers”. As a "BeUstad" team, we work with large companies to help young people become more familiar with their areas of specialization, and we ensure that they are close to world experience."

Who we are

"BeUstad" is an educational center that raises local professionals based on innovative methods. The main intention is the practical application of knowledge and skills acquired in the teaching process. The main purpose of the "BeUstad" educational center is to create a creative environment in which teachers, staff and students can discover, explore and learn their knowledge, skills, and values.

Experienced Team

We create conditions for students used to open competitions and work with the teaching staff for their active learning.

Modern Methods

Based on an active action plan, we provide comprehensive support to students using technological innovations and learning tools.

Global Partnerships

Besides cooperate with local experts, we associate with several foreign experts and companies.

Why Choose Us

"BeUstad" is a place where learning takes place for everyone. Our safe and caring learning environment offers unique opportunities to many individuals. Students explore the world outside of school, learning about post-school opportunities, careers, job opportunities, and modern society. Students participate in self-directed sessions by teacher-led instruction and contact daily with a group of counselors or peer counselors to provide a special leadership experience on the way to graduation.


Dynamic curriculum

As we create a dynamic, supportive learning environment, we are constantly developing new instructional programs. Our curriculum adapts to the changing or diverse needs of students. After high school or university, we offer a wide range of activities to be competitive in both the academic and job markets.

Expert support

Our students are valuable and we support all of them individually. Coordinators help students choose the courses that suit them. You may need information and advice on many other issues, including financial advice or educational support. Choices may vary according to your future education and career plans, abilities, interests, habits, and experience.

Career Planning

These courses belong to the developing sector of the future and reflect different areas of practice. We offer great opportunities for our active students to get a higher level of education within BeUstad. These programs discuss and implement a wide range of topics, such as educational skills, additional learning needs, and university and career plans.

Job opportunities

Our cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus, Turkey opens wide prospects for students. Depending on the curriculum you choose, you can make a difference with your experience by working on real projects in partner countries. In these summer camps, you will know what it feels like to be a real expert.

Library Resources

In addition to specialized knowledge, business skills are taught in the training process, which makes the learning process more interesting. Our students learn using new technological equipment to enhance their education in a modern and dynamic environment. This includes classrooms, workshop rooms, quiet work areas, and common rooms.

Vibrant Youth

The training center is based on a group of young people aged 18-26. As our team is lively and supportive, it helps a lot to make your experiences fun and successful. It also means more opportunities to enjoy learning and communicating with your peers.

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